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Anger (Mis)Management

Nooo, I'm not angry. But that's what I'm going to discuss!

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This looks amazing.
They Might Be Giants provides original soundtrack music, too. I'm already sold. Anyone else hyped about this?


Love In This Club

...As performed by the Showbiz Pizza band. Not just a sloppy dub-over, but the REAL DEAL.

Nightmare fuel? Hey, I got you covered!


Pure Awesome: Hifana

If I'm gonna be a weeaboo, I want to be this kind of weeaboo fo sho.

Enjoy Japanese hip-hop artist Hifana, with a surreal video escapade.


What's Fun in Tampa? Hmmm...

I did a YouTube search for 'Tampa', and this is one of the first results. In all actuality, I'm not surprised. Enjoy!


Wasn't He Here Just A Second Ago...?

RIP George Carlin, funniest man I knew. Pour one out for Rufus today.

South Park will have to add him to the cast of Hell, or something.

More of an update later.

"Everyone's always talking about the children. What about the children, save the children. You know what I say? FUCK the children." -- GC


This is a long video (just over 45 minutes), but extremely cool. It thrilled my inner geek. Check it out if you have time.

WTF, Australia?!!

OK, usually it's Japan's stuff I pick on, but this time it's Australia. What on Earth were they *smoking* to give this ad the green light??

Jozin From The Bog

Behold! An earworm you're sure to enjoy. Bonus: Czechoslovakian playboys gettin' down with their bad selves.

Don't say I never gave you anything.



Apparently, MTV Japan is a lot better than its Western counterpart.
As proof, I bring you: Usavich.

You don't need to know any Japanese to enjoy it, but if you want some sort of explanation for this madness, you can find it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usavich

Check out the whole series, after the jump.

(Note, each volume is only 90 seconds long, so this isn't quite as long as it seems!)

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